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Servostar is all about customer trust because our credibility lies in the client’s belief. We follow the honest policy of truth and nothing is hidden or undeclared either about the product or price. As a result, what you see is what you get. Our objective is to enhance customer bonding through positive business relations.

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Each Servo stabilizer passes through a number of tests. The technical team ensures that you get the best product without a glitch. Thus, each of our product is fitted with only high quality Servo motor, heat resistant winding and a heavy duty circuitry for long-lasting workability in every condition. It is weather resistant and maintenance free.

Quality Assurance

Our Servostar stabilizers are backed by one year onsite warranty on Servo motor and transformer, so it gives you total peace of mind. Just call our number and we are there at your location! It’s that simple. For queries and suggestions, we are always there to guide you because in our culture, client gratification is of prime importance.

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We are a world class manufacturer and exporter of Power Conditioning Solutions providing the best quality products and services to our customers.

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Why Servostar is one of the Best Servo Stabilizer manufacturers in India?

With many Servo stabilizer sellers in India, it is apparent to go for a recognized manufacturing company that exclusively makes Servo stabilizer. Servo Star is a well-known brand that has its own modernized transformer making base where different types of stabilizers are produced ranging between 1 KVA to 1500 KVA.

Servo Voltage Stabilizer offers a wide range of single phase to three-phase stabilizer units to suit various types of domestic and industrial applications such as metal processing equipment, production lines, construction devices, large type electromechanical equipment, elevators, medical equipment, jewellers, textiles, air-conditioners, etc. At home to protect fragile electronic gadgets like TV, refrigerators and other household appliances, Servo Star does it all.

Having a production unit in Delhi and a wide network in the NCR region, Servostar has felt its presence by dealership across India. We intend to increase our geographical presence by opening outlets through franchising and have a 360-degree approach in establishing and delivering the best products & services to all, across the world. Our servo stabilizer price are most competitive in the market. You can get in touch with us on Facebook too.

At over 10 years of experience in this field, a great sales support system and a happy customer base, For both domestic and industrial power supply requirements, Servo Star is definitely is the preferred choice.

What is a Servo controlled stabilizer? Why should I install one?

The SERVO controlled stabilizer is a stabilizing unit that utilizes a ‘Servo’ motor controlled auto transformer and a Buck\Boost transformer booster which captures voltage fluctuations in input which is connected between the incoming phase supply & the load. It uniformly regulates current to give the desired output. The transformer range can vary according to usage requirements. The autotransformer is driven by an AC synchronous motor which controls output voltage by clockwise or anticlockwise rotation as per the input supply voltage. A full electronic control unit monitors voltage variation and manages the output voltage with components like comparator, transistors, mocs, etc. This method over traditional stabilizers keeps waveform distortion away. Unlike an ordinary relay transformer, a Servo stabilizer has an error amplifier to handle an error voltage. This voltage drives the ac synchronous motor in desired direction to boost or buck the output voltage from the secondary winding. Since the error amplifier continuously monitors the output voltage, we get constant voltage output. The carbon provides smooth transition of voltage adjustment. Indeed, Servo gives just +/-1% voltage variation and an idle consumption of less than 1% of total electrical units. In parts of India, where frequent power cuts and short circuits happen from high voltage fluctuations, overloading in the distribution network, Servo Stabilizers stand out as a durable option. Servo Voltage Stabilizer offers protection against over load, short circuit, undervoltage and overvoltage.

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Free Site Inspection

We offer Free Site Inspection presently in few areas like Noida, Gurgaon (Gurugram Haryana), Delhi, Panipat, Kundali, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad etc. Our engineers are everywhere in India. You can call us to confirm if our engineer can inspect in your area. Our engineer calculates the connected load and offers optimum capacity Servo solution. By installing proper Rating of Servo Stabilizer you will save on Energy bill. Let’s take an example, say you have installed 100 KVA Servo Stabilizer, but your requirement is of 75 KVA. As we know any transformer has an efficiency that varies from 90-98%. Let us assume it to be 98%. Still, a loss of 2% of the extra capacity of Stabilizer make’s a good amount of energy consumption over a year, which translates into the good amount of money.

What Should We Know Before Buying a Servo Stabilizer ?

Before buying the stabilizer, one must be aware of the amount of power that is consumed. By making an inventory of all the necessary electrical loads in the office or house and performing a fundamental electrical load evaluation, you can have an idea about the amount of power your system has to produce. Next, you should also be aware of the power fluctuations, which means that the range of maximum/minimum voltage that you get from the main AC supply. To be brief, you have to choose the input voltage window as well as the power consumption of the appliance. Whenever you buy any stabilizer, you need details about some data that includes input voltage range, output voltage range, KVA rating, type of load whether unbalance or balance, type of voltage, type of protection required and the type of cooling whether oil or air.

Difference between Voltage Stabilizer & Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Normally it depends on the application. Suppose we have air conditioner or refrigerator then voltage stabilizer will be most fit. On the second side we have some Analytical Equipment, medical equipment or some sophisticated item, then one should go for servo voltage stabilizer because these items may require precise voltage. Besides this there are lot following technical difference between voltage stabilizer & Servo Voltage Stabilizer :
Parameters Voltage Stabilizer Servo Voltage Stabilizer
Voltage Variation 220V +/-10% 220V +/- 1%
Voltage Correction Time 15 volt/sec
Availability Available upto 7.5 KVA Avilable upto 2000 kva
Component Used Relays Servo Motor
Reliability Not much Rugged Rugged
Phase Available in Single Phase Only Available in Single phase & Three Phase
Costing Cheaper Little Expensive because of Technology

We receive many queries regarding voltage stabilizer for Home mainline. One should understand the difference between two as stated above. To elaborate more suppose a house normally has two Airconditioner (AC) and other appliances. One can install individual voltage stabilizer with AC and no need to install voltage stabilizer for other appliance as normal electrical appliance have SMPS built in and the voltage any SMPS can handle is very wide i.e. 120V – 280V. So by applying the above method he/she can save lot of money as voltage stabilizer cost less compared to Servo voltage stabilizer.

Now we take another example of the bigger house which has more than 5 AC. Now, this has two option either to go for individual voltage stabilizer or install a central stabilizer of may be more than 20 kva. As seen in the above chart since voltage stabilizer comes till 15 kva, so one has to go for Servo Voltage Stabilizer.

But on the contrary, if one has dental chair he/she needs 5 kva servo stabilizer. The 5 kva Servo Stabilizer Price is 10,500/- plus taxes. So it all depends on the requirement whether connected load/Equipment requires a Voltage Stabilizer or Servo Stabilizer.

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What kind of servo voltage stabilizer should I buy as there are two types, air cooled servo voltage stabilizer and oil cooled servo voltage stabilizer?

It depends on the application.

E.g. The connected load on the Servo Stabilizer is not for more than 5 hours or so then even for a load of 50/100KVA, one can go for Aircooled servo Stabilizer of 50/100kva. Because servo stabilizer in not working for more than 5 hours, so heat produced from it will be very less. (Like: MRI machine, X-ray)

Now we take the example of 30 kva load. If it is of continuous nature like any industrial machine (e.g. Cold Room), then we should install 30 kva Oil cooled, to support continued operation for long time durations.

Normally one can go for air cooled servo voltage stabilizer up to 30 kva, beyond 30 kva one should buy Oil cooled.

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